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Ohio Pygmy Goat Association

Scholarship Award and Application

General Guidelines

  1. Up to two $250 scholarships will be awarded by the OPGA each year to deserving applicants applying or currently enrolled full or part time in an accredited college, university, vocational, technical or trade school. This is a one-time award. Applicants not receiving an award may apply in upcoming year(s).
  2. This scholarship is open to applicants of any age.
  3. All applicants must be part of an immediate family in which one or more people have current OPGA membership and have been an OPGA member for at least two full consecutive years.
  4. Awards are based upon activity in the pygmy goat world, character, academics, and written recommendations.
  5. Payment of the award will be by check directly to the educational institution.
  6. All information gathered by the Scholarship Awards Committee will be held in strict confidence.
  7. Applying for the scholarship, no matter how many or how few applications are submitted to the OPGA, does not guarantee a scholarship to be awarded.
  8. All portions of the application must be returned to the Scholarship Awards Committee on or before June 1 of the Current year.

Send applications to:




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Ohio Pygmy Goat Association Scholarship Applications

Part One: General Information

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Address Street: _____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: ______________ Zip:___________

Phone: ______-_______-________ E-mail:___________________________

School you are presently attending __________________________________________________

College or training program you plan to attend _________________________________________

Educational Goal _________________________________________________________________

Please list names of brothers, sisters, or children with age and the school they are attending:

Name Age School

_______________________________ ______ _____________________________________

_______________________________ ______ _____________________________________

_______________________________ ______ _____________________________________

_______________________________ ______ _____________________________________

_______________________________ ______ _____________________________________

_______________________________ ______ _____________________________________


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Part Two: Activities

Use more paper if necessary

Please list and explain your involvement in the goat world:

What is it that you have learned from raising pygmies that will influence your life?

List any activities in which you have participated. Please include offices, awards, recognition, etc.

List and explain community activities in which you have been involved.

List your work experience.

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Part Three: Guidance Counselor, Faculty Member, or Professional Reference

This is to be filled out by a guidance counselor, faculty member, or professional reference; and returned under separate mailing directly to the address below.

Applicants are encouraged to provide a pre-addressed and stamped envelope to the individual.

  1. Applicant's Name: _____________________________________________
  2. Please describe the character and qualities of this applicant.
  3. What is it about this applicant that would influence you to award him or her a scholarship?
  4. Please add any additional information you feel might allow us to know this applicant better.

Name (please print) ___________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________

Position ________________________________ Date ________________

Please return to:


This page must be received by June 1st

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